Our Skin Care Routine

Over the last few years, I have really taken to putting an effort into my skin care routine and even though I’m very lucky to not really have much issues with my skin other than sensitivity- I have really seen the benefits of having a good routine. On the back of not having much control over much lately, this has definitely helped to relax me, give me a sense of stability and made me feel like I am having a mini pamper session. Because the world seems so topsy turvy, we’ll take the slightest bit of zen we can get. Read along and see if maybe we have a similar routine!

Home is where your skin care products are stashed.

I will openly admit that I used to be quite inconsistent when it came to my skin, it wasn’t something I had to worry about, but as I’ve gotten older- I’ve recognized the importance of taking good care and having a simple, but steady routine is definitely beneficial. Even if I squeeze it in as I brush my teeth, I definitely see the improvements, even if it’s just to relax me.

1: One of the tips, if I can allow myself to give any tip at all- it’s to always cleanse your face. No matter what I do, at the end of the day- I always try to clean my face, it doesn’t have to be fussy or with anything expensive. My simple go to is Kiehls, it’s simple, doesn’t have a smell and it honestly works! I tend to take my make up off with a remover 1st, either a micellar water or a wipe ( I’m reducing my use of single use wipes and have bought eco bamboo face wipes) . After, I remove my makeup, then I use my cleanser as a way to ensure my skin is truly clean.

2: After my skin has been cleaned or in the mornings, if I’m not going to wear make up especially, one thing I make sure I do is moisturize my skin. I do so by using oils, I get dry patches on my face in places, especially in the winter time. Whether you keep it simple by using coconut oil ( wonder product ), or by using a cream based moisturizer, whatever you do- make sure it contains sunscreen.

3: My indulgent product is a roller, I have a Jade roller and I intend to buy a rose quartz one, because not only are they pretty, apparently they work! But, mostly, because it feels wonderful on your skin, the coolness and the simple process of rolling it on your face, is genuinely very relaxing. I find when I have tension or a migraine, it does help to release some of that tension.

4: One thing I know I need to do better with, is keeping my makeup brushes clean…I tend to just brush them on something, but it is one of my missions to be more rigorous about keeping them clean.

I like my products like I like my people. Non toxic.

I must say…I am guilty when it comes to not following a skincare routine😬. I let the evening, studying for school and so forth, allow my self-care routine to get away from me from time to time. When I DO follow a form of routine, I go all out!

1: I have eczema on my face and various patches that have begun to fade and on my arms, so when I pick a product, I try to keep it pretty simple. I often use products like a Cetaphil cleanser, to a St Ives face scrub. They are quick and easy and I genuinely do find my skin to be 1) smooth after use, 2) I smell great! (thank you St Ives).

2: I try to use a serum or simple oil for my face, both to keep in the moisture and to help with the mask wearing that I must endulge in Monday-Friday while at work. The more moisture you can keep on your face, the less pimples you’ll have and the less dry your face will feel. I try to use Clean Beauty’s: Rosehip Balancing Facial Oil in the AM, and Pearle Essence’s: Radiance Perfecting Serum at night after I take a shower/wash my face of the days gunk. From time I try to shake it up a bit and try out other companies’ Facial oils that keep their ingredients down to a minimum as well as their Serums.

3: I also find that mixing some of my Cetaphil body cream/face cream with a Serum/Facial oil to put on my face, ensures that I’ve given my skin the proper moisture that it is lacking (where my eczema is on my face), as well as giving it a form of oil that adds both a nice feeling to my face(its super smooth) and a shine that is radiant.

A while back, we posted about the steps me take to practice self-care and our skin care is part of that same process. At the end of the day. Whatever you do to look after you and gives you positive energy about yourself and your surroundings- we are all for it. It doesn’t need to be complicated or even expensive! But at the end of the day- if you don’t look after yourself- how can you look after others?

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