I am that person,
I never want to slow down and relish the feeling of something new,
I want to drink it all up,
Get to the very last drop of it before something ruins the moment,
When given a sweet, I do not let it melt on my tongue,
I immediately take a bite and finish it before the flavour settles,
I fall hard, I may not let you in right away,
But when I do, in you are,
Then, I want it all.
I want the late nights staying up talking,
The constant thinking about you,
The being with you all time,
Linear and single visioned,
I don’t want any one else,
Barely leaving space to miss you and for the wanting to fill the time in between,
But, I am learning, to enjoy the in betweens,
To give space and to enjoy it,
Building yearning, allowing myself to be missed,
But also allowing myself to find other means to enjoy the centre,
Taking comfort in the foundation being built,
Trust, lasting love and connection takes time,
Recognizing that if it’s real, then time it will take
And there is no harm in letting go and leaving it to fate,
What will be will be, let go
And try to enjoy and relish the soft melting you do to me…
Nov 2020- R1

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