Shifting My Focus in 2023

First post of 2023, and I tried really hard to avoid making a “2023 goals” post, but I guess that’s somewhat inevitable. What I can say though, is that this will not be one of the typical goals or targets for 2023, or at least I will try hard not to let it become that. Follow with me.

Romanticize your life…

More Me

Maybe it’s the dating process, the getting to know people only for it to not workout. The getting disheartened and the eventual talk with yourself to vet if you aren’t the real reason it’s all a poop show. I’m not saying it’s for me to change the way I am or for me to be a chameleon, but I can’t help but wonder what I’m doing incorrectly to still be single. So, one of my main focuses in the upcoming year is to do more things for myself. Take more time for myself, do more little things which bring me pleasure, be it bubble baths, massages, treating myself to sushi and more. I am tired of the feeling like I am waiting for someone to treat me well or to be there for me, when I am just sitting on ice and not simply doing it for myself. Christmas came and I spend a good chunk of it, sat on my couch alone, strolling through Instagram watching people celebrate and I couldn’t help but feel like I was missing out. Not necessarily on their celebrations, but the fact that I should be finding ways to do my own celebrating. I just got the feeling that I am sitting around watching my life pass me by. Following and supporting people who are living their best lives, but all the while what am I doing about/with mine? So, 2023 will be the year of me; be it lots of small joys or moments where I simply indulge for myself, but they will be joys none the less and equally valuable.

I Am My Own Career Goals

I used to be that person who was always willing to give my all and go the extra mile, taking leaps of faith and they usually paid off. This was particularly the case when it came to my career. I am a perfectionist at the best of times and I take genuine pride in the quality of the work that I submit; I always want to be giving my very best. But this year, I felt some of that pride slipping, I felt like I was being stunted in my professional progress and I wasn’t being given the opportunity to be challenged or to even be able to visualize where I saw myself in 2 let alone 5 years. I take the responsibility of being a single parent very seriously, this year has been very hard on me mentally when it came to finances. And though, I can be positive and safely say that I closed 2022 proud of how far I have come and happy with what I was able to achieve. It’s not to say that I didn’t spend far too much of my time and energy worrying over finances and figuring out how I will make ends meet. I know I am not alone in feeling the hit from the increased prices of food, gas and jus being a human on this planet. So, towards the end of the year, I took a deep breath and gave myself a pep talk and saw my value. I released that if I didn’t take things into my own hands, I would be waiting for someone to “hand it” to me? No, I was the master of my own destiny, so I took the leap ( one I hadn’t taken in a while ). No more sitting around and waiting for someone to tell me that I have what it takes, I have what it takes. I know that. I am capable. With that combo of fear and thrill, I was able to land a new job within days of applying; and if you allow me to humbly brag for a minute- it is not only a promotion, but it will also be a HUGE leap for me and my little family. So, for 2023, I have to be and will continue to be my own career goals.

Trust the seeds you are planting…

Stop Procrastinating

I feel like for the most part of 2022, I spent it hidden; maybe I was healing, maybe I was fearful of being hurt, but in that process- I feel like I put parts of my life on pause. I have endless lists of places I’d like to visit or restaurants I’d like to try, with little to no real plan on when I will actually do it, for 2023- I want to begin to actually do those things. Start ticking them off the list and segwaying with the 1st paragraph where I want to do more me things; this is top of mind. I want to explore my city/country and more. Don’t get me wrong, I love my house- but I think I loved it a little too much these past 2 years and it’s given me a social crutch; so I’m venturing out little by little.

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