Catching Feelings

There I go again,
The flurry feeling in my chest,
Increased pulse,
Pounding in my ears,
Rushed breath,
Your finger grazes my arm,
Instantly alerted to your movement,
I can’t get enough of it,
Fingers intertwined,
Eyes locked in a silent understanding,
Your teeth graze my chin,
A sound escapes my throat,
Heat rising,
My body begins to melt,
This is what it’s like,
Catching feelings for you,
Knees weakened,
Lips parted,
Kisses exploring as they land,
Tongues curled in unison,
A danse so seamless,
Skin so soft and awoken,
Bodies traced,
Outlined and alert
Clothes abandoned,
Why would we bother when there is so much to explore,
The possibilities are endless,
When I’m catching feelings for you…
Jan 2023- R1

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