Meaningless Sorry

You come here, palm outstretched,
I admit, I have been waiting for this moment and,
Now that it’s here, it is nothing like I imagined,
As I look around to be sure I didn’t make it up,
I realise just how empty your sorry is,
A true apology requires a change in behaviour,
Done in person, and as a means for clarity and closure,
You gave me neither,
I’m not sure what you’d like me to do with your sorry,
It doesn’t make up for the hurt caused
It doesn’t even seem to be genuine,
Because once again you have disappeared after toying with my feelings,
So what was it all for?
Why have you resurfaced only to pick at the scab on my healing heart?
Showing up and disappearing like it’s child’s play.
So, keep your meaningless sorry,
I don’t need it,
I needed you to mean what you say,
But that was months ago…
Nov 2022- R1

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