January 2019 Roundup

New year, new attitude! Or at least that’s what they tell you. I’m working on being more visible on the photography front and pushing myself more. I recognise that maybe I kinda am okay at this? And I enjoy working on my craft, but maybe, hiding in the shadows isn’t going to cut it anymore. More on that later, I suppose- but for now, here’s January’s roundup.

Pendle Hill in the Mist“- Creepy much? One of my resolutions was to be more physically active- nothing major, just to get out more and walk etc. So, a friend of mine asked me to walk up with her. If it wasn’t for the fact that I was almost dying once I got to the top, maybe I would have felt creeped out by the thick mist, but the fact of the matter was- I welcomed it because it was cool, refreshing and hid my overheating and sweaty face.

Frozen Heather“- I think the odd weather has been playing tricks on the plants in our backyard because I’m not sure they’re supposed to be blooming right now.

Dewdrops In The Grass“- We’ve had some cold weather over here in the UK, admittedly nothing like Montreal was being hit with, but it also made for subjects to photograph, especially since this month I’ve been struggling with inspiration. As I was doing the dishes and looking out the kitchen window, I loved how the sunlight bounced off of the dew on the grass, so quickly grabbed my camera and took some shots. Something about how the shadows and light appeared really jumped out at me.

Shadows On The Grass“- I loved how the shadow of the fence reflected on the due on the grass. Like specs of diamonds.💎 I don’t have very much else to add to that, but I love this photo.

Livres“- If you didn’t know, livres is French for books, I couldn’t think of a name for the shot, so I simply change languages. It’s what I do, it makes me sound interesting- lol. These are some of the thrifted books I’ve bought over the years. I’ve never read them, but they defo look nice on a bookshelf!

Blue– I have a love affair with water droplets on things in nature. This one is no different, I love how the colour of the sky makes the water droplets pop against the background and also just love how different each tiny water droplet is. I honestly love nature!

Succulent“- I like to think I have a green thumb and so far, luck appears to be on my side. #winning These are some of my succulents, I bought them as a small tiny plant, and now I’ve been able to sprout 4 more plants from them! On that millennial note…

“Green Frozen”– More frozen plants, I have to humbly admit that sometimes when I want to get a shot, especially if I’m pressed for time, I cheat and shoot in auto. When I have the time to be all fussy and artsy and shit, I then shoot in manual. This shot is one of those times! I loved the way the light hit sections of the shrub and I didn’t want the automatic section to blend the lighting. It’s made me realise that I really underestimate the manual setting sometimes.

Did you catch last month’s post? Check it out here.

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