Our Summer of Memories- Week 2

Did you guys enjoy the quick stop tour last week?! Because this week we’ve got round 2 of Mom and Rae’s tour of the UK, but the difference this week is that it’s more “relaxed” and we only visited one place/country. We visited Scotland, the motherland, we believe of some of our maternal great grandfather’s lineage. We’re in the process of finding out about our family line and what part of the UK some of our family originates, maybe next time we’ll pick up our family tartan. Moving on! The weather was on our side for this short leg of the trip, which made us feel even luckier- because we all know England and rain is synonymous. Anyhow, follow us up north!

Day 11: Local- Birthday Party

Neveah had another birthday party to attend(miss social life), so us girls took the time to rest, repack and do laundry while Ben was on daddy duty at the party. It was a much needed recovery day, especially after being on the road for so many days, so it was nice to have time to catch our breath and well sleep in our own beds(ish). When the blue skies finally showed themselves, R2 and R1 took a quick opportunity to have a photo sesh outside. It’s safe to say they definately had a laugh or two! 😅

Day 12: Scotland Here We Come!

We hit the road for Scotland! If you know Ben then you know there’s no such thing as sleeping in and by this week, we were experts when it came to leaving early and on time and that we did! The weather wasn’t very nice driving up through Yorkshire, but somehow as we crossed the border into Scotland, it cleared up for us and made the views even more awesome! I don’t know if you can have a favourite stretch of the motorway/highway but if they’re ever looking for nominations, this one would be my pick! The views made the beautiful drive up to Edinburgh Castle a breeze; it was especially busy because of the tattoo which we had over looked, but it didn’t dampen the vibe. We found the castle to be especially busy and at 1st very overwhelming (peak of tourist season), but we had a little quiz for Neveah to do and that took our minds off of the people and got us looking for clues around the castle. When it came to seeing the Crown Jewels, the line up was very long (and if R1 would have had her way, we would have skipped it altogether), but we persevered and saw them although we were very frustrated by some extremely pushy and impatient people, especially when your 5 year old is nearly mowed over because they want to push through the queue…breathing exercises were had. After the castle, we then had lunch at a lovely spot in Greyfriars Kirkyard, walked past a load of street entertainers and ultimately made our way to Camera Obscura and World of Illusion– which was extremely fun. I don’t think we laughed and panicked as much as we did in the “spinning room”. It is definitely an interesting but highly entertaining place, with a mixture of science and fun balled into one. As we had had a long day, we then made our way out of the city to our hotel in Kinross.

Day 13: Jamie Here We Come!

The. Day. R2. Had. Been. Waiting. For! When we were in the early days of secretly planning this trip, one of the requirements R2 asked for was that we visit Stonehenge, Scotland and the place where they film Outlander (Midhope Castle). Stonehenge was scrapped because we didn’t realise how far South it was to R1’s home; so that left Midhope Castle, and R1 was adamant it had to happen…and so it did. We had a wonderful breakfast at, The Courthouse Kinross and when we say wonderful, we mean W-O-N-D-E-R-F-U-L! The food was beyond amazing (mmm pancakes), the decor and environment was defo one for Instagram!

Our next stop was the highly anticipated Midhope Castle. R2 is a massive Outlander fan, she is currently making her way through book five of the series and requested this be one of the stops on our trip, so we had to make it happen! The “castle” itself is derelict and isn’t lived in, but it is the family home of the main character, Jamie in Outlander and filming still happens there- we were even given a scoop that they would resume filming there in September (perks of being a chatty person). There isn’t much to do there bar take photos, as it’s not exactly an official tourist attraction (though there was an official town plaque about a story of two men who fought for the house). The plaque also gave some history of the house and how it’s come to be empty, but unless you’re a fan of the series, we suppose there would be no real reason to visit the site. Anyhow, we took advantage for the weather and had a quick mini photo sesh so look out for those shots on the blog & Instagram (any opportunity)! We took even more advantage of the beautiful weather and headed to the North Sea! We took a scenic drive along the St. Andrew’s Coast, we took a stop at Kilrenny and then did a coastal drive through Crail. As we were having our meal in Nandos in St. Andrew’s, the heavens opened up and it literally poured down, but oddly by the time we finished eating, it was clear and blue skies again. Fun times in Scotland.

Day 14: The Long Drive Back

Another day, another lovely breakfast place! We had a wonderful breakfast at Heaven Scent and Heaven Above in Milnathort Kinross, we were definitely smitten by the service and by the food….still thinking about that lovely French toast and apple pancakes…#swoon. We didn’t do much sightseeing on this very grey day as we enjoyed the fact that we got to “sleep in”, but as we had a lovely breakfast, we were very much ready to hit the road back to England. And in true British style, it rained the entire way back home, but we took a pit stop and had a meal somewhere in the Lake District (very specific, we know ;)), which provided some much needed rest, especially because by that point we had gotten lost and added another hour onto our journey home. #thestruggle

Day 15: Bittersweet Last Day

I think by the time this day rolled around, we were all feeling the reality of the fact that our trip was at its end; R1’s mood was not a nice one and R2 was complaining of stomach pains. We had a not so relaxing lunch in Barnoldswick town centre called Victoria’s Cafe, this is normally one of R1’s favorite places to eat and she was excited to cap off the trip with an introduction. But unfortunately their chef was on holiday or sick(?), we never got to the bottom of that, they were short staffed, we waited ages for the food to come and when it did- it was incorrect. To top it off, later that afternoon when we went to the park, Neveah insisted on introducing R2 to the spinning contraption (official name) at the park and this only added to making R2 feel more sick. We then made a quick return home, so that we could all rest and finish up the last of the packing, weighing and over all travelling worries. Later that evening R1 had a work meal to attend, leaving Neveah to get some much needed last minute cuddles with Nana and later on in the evening the rest of the Worrall/Milford clan came over to say their goodbyes- it was a lovely send off.

This trip was definitely one for the history books: R2’s first time flying, R2 and Mom’s first time in the UK. It was definitely worth the secrets, planning, early mornings and sore butts from all the hours of driving. We DEFINITELY need to do this again!

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