Dry Eyes

The sting of suppressed feelings and emotions,
Burning through my throat begging to be let out,
I take a deep breath and push it further down,
Rub my dry eyes to wipe away the feeling,
Now is not the time to show your weakness,
I sit, plaster a smile on my face and go through the motions,
It’s what they all want, right?
Don’t be a downer, as the pain drip, drops further deeper into my stomach,
The burning rising and churning within,
Shake it off and pick up your mood,
No one wants to see your tears, they are for the weak
You are not weak,
Made of fire, sharp like an arrow,
Rub the pain away and soldier on,
Bile rising as it burns, but still not a cry,
You emerge from the smoke,
Battered and bruised, but your eyes remain dry.

R1- July 2020

Illustrator: Katie

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