The Pinterest Rabbit Hole!

f1c550d6c55590a7ebbbe0cd6bb56256.jpgOh Pintersting, oh Pintersting how easily you distract me (cue the tune of “Oh Christmas tree”).

Have you ever been on Pinterest and spent hours on end looking at posts?? If you haven’t, or have never heard of Pinterest.. You MUST have been in space. If so, welcome back! In this day and age, everyone’s talking about it, and using it. I can say that for myself personally, I tend to look for just about EVERYTHING on Pinterest first, before searching other forums. I can spend hours upon hours there, and not even realize how much time has passed- its a problem that I’m not ready to fix. I know, I know, everyone has an Inspirational Quote board, or a fitness board or a DIY board or even a hair and make up one or a dream house one…trust me, I understand the struggle. We wanted to explore some of the more “specific” and random boards we each have on Pinterest. So let us indulge together down the rabbit hole that is called Pinterest- soon you WILL be hooked!


R2’s Pinterest Confessions

Alright, I’ll admit it…I may have a bit of a Pinterest obsession. I have over 38 boards with pins upon pins of pins! My boards range from, the Dream House, to Handwriting, to secret pin boards ;), you know, the usual. Let’s see what I’ve been keeping within MY world of Pinterest.

Most Random Boards:

CaptureFruity Water– OK, so do you guys remember a few years back, when adding fruit that was frozen or fresh, into your water bottle was a BIG thing?? Well I went Pinterest board pinning crazy. I have yet to try all of the pins within that board, but the summer is not yet upon us, hehe.



Funny– This is probably my most random Pinterest board yet! I don’t even know how I began pinning onto this board, but now the suggestions that they give me.. haha it has me legit laughing OUT LOUD, and to myself. I promise that I’m not crazy..not yet anyway. This board just knows what I need to keep me in good spirits and bring a smile to my face when I’m feeling low.


Food Boards You Have ACTUALLY Cooked:


Yummy!- Oh yummy. This board has recipes that I have tried, to recipes that I just drooled over when I saw the pin (lol). I’m a sucker for good photography, what can I say. Sometimes I pin ideas to this board just cause, don’t judge me 😛

Secret Board(s):Screenshot_2018-01-25-23-02-46

One Day – Well I suppose that the cat is put of the bag. This is one of my secret boards on Pinterest. This board is filled with, date ideas, cute little corny quotes (because who doesn’t like to be corny every once in awhile?), sayings that basically represent me to a T! You get the idea.

Board You’d Be Embarrassed To Admit You Have:

Sorry folks, I got nothing! #sorrynotsorry

Favourite Board:

7.PNGIs this even a question!? With over 222 Pins #OCDnumber, of course my Clothes board is my favourite. Have you ever not known what to wear in the morning, and you wanted to shake up you usually outfits? Have I got a board for you! I go crazy with inspiration through this board, from; what type of top I have that matches the pin I see, to what colours go well with one another.  Three have been times when I never would have thought to put certain patterns and colours together, and my oh my, #eyeopening.

Board With The Most Pins:


Quotes & Shoes – OH MY GOODNESS. From “researching” for this blog ie; looking at my Pinterest, I have over 537 quotes in my Quotes board … so it may be fair to say that I’m just a tad bit obsessed with quotes.. and shoes =124 lol.



R1’s Pinterest Confessions

I will fully admit to creating a board for just about everything…yes, I have one dedicated to sushi and David Beckham…I wonder if they have pins on David Beckham sushi…I’ll be right back… In all seriousness, I am OBSESSED with Pinterest and all that it has to offer. I counted the other day and no lie…I have 99 boards, I didn’t believe it myself so I counted again #true story.

Most Random Board:


Sushi Board– I have a deep rooted love for sushi, which can only be quenched by me emptying my bank account on it or the cheaper option of making a board and salivating while enjoying the beauty that is the art of making sushi. Honestly, in another life, I would be dating a sushi chef or better yet- I would become one!

Tea Board– My house is a tea house, part in parcel to having a Brit as a partner, it’s somewhat of a given, but I like to try different teas, beside the bog standard “black” tea. So, I figured, what great way to explore teas and learn about them at the same time! Pinterest to the rescue.

Kate Spade– I mean!!! Her stuff is so gorgeous, why NOT have a board dedicated to her brand? Especially, since I would LOVE to have an office in Kate Spades’ likeness…cue next board. Do I really have to justify pinning her glitter covered Keds?!

Food Board You Have ACTUALLY Cooked:

Other than having over 431 pins on my Food Board, 14 dedicated solely to salad and 251 pins on Vegetarian food, it looks like pinning is my greatest past time, I have ACTUALLY cooked some foods from my boards, here are some of my favourites, I would recommend trying!


Lentil Curry– Lentils…curry….what better combination than these two!?! This simple, delicious and filling recipe is definitely worth a try, you’ll find the recipe here.






Salted Caramel Sauce– I’ve never been a HUGE caramel fan, but over the Christmas period, I was looking for a different cheesecake recipe; I came across this one and thought YOLO let me try this. I’d heard making caramel was difficult, so I was highly nervous and watched the pot like a baby- but it turned out to be so easy and simple!

Secret Board(s):

Oh yes, yes, yes! Everyone has a few or more, or maybe that’s just me, but they’re not suspicious; just mostly blog ideas and secret party planning ideas.

Board You’d Be Embarrassed To Admit You Have:


OCD- Nothing brings more joy to my heart than seeing organisation and “order”, I have labels on my glass jars, but let me TELL you- my next kitchen will be like the above boards…no joke.

Favourite Board(s):img_3245.png

I couldn’t just pick one! I love the two boards, because I’m a visual person- I love their colours, especially if the Digital Wallpaper one- I pull images from there every once in a while and change the wallpaper on my phone, it’s a feast for the eyes! The Fashionista one, don’t ask about the name- it as the best I had at the time. I kept coming across some lovely drawings, some political others, celebrating Black beauty and I appreciated that it’s not something I come across often, so I wanted to make a board for it. I have been able to find some really gorgeous artwork and it has introduced me to a great artist named Nicholle Kobi ( )- totally worth it!

Board With The Most Pins:

Ideas For Work: 1.1k pins 6

Inspirational Quotes: 715 pins


Shots I Wish I Took: 647 pins








What about your Pinterest?

Let us know, what you like to go Pinterest crazy on 🙂

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